Pray for South Korea

Tears are streaming down my face. I don’t care what your belief is, please send anything, even good vibes, to these kids because oh my god they are suffering so much. The water is muddy and it’s freezing and they are dying and they’re only seventeen.. 

These children are so scared.. desperately reassuring the world that yes, they are alive, please come for them. They’re messaging their little sisters, apologizing that they won’t be able to grant a request when they’re seconds away from death and just

oh.. oh my god. oh my fucking god words cannot describe the pain I’m feeling

I didn’t know what was going on. I knew it when I read BBC news. They’re still young.. We still have hope. I wish they’re fine..



silverled asked:

Your post about how you and your wife had shitty opinions when you met sounded so adorable!!! Could you tell us an example about how you guys came to believe something not shitty? Like, did you go vegan together? Who started it? How long did it take you guys to "convert" from when you first learned about the idea of veganism until you actually did it?

havocados answered:

so i started answering this on my phone yesterday and it got fucked up and i lost it. sorry about that, lol.


steph and i met in 2009 on the first day of design school. I was about a year into my being done with 5 years of pseudo-vegetarianism and just generally not giving many fucks about anything other than getting into school. 

she was your garden variety hippie/colorblind white girl looking to become a graphic designer. in her household they were already into organic/humane bla bla stuff, so definitely more into it than i was.

when we got together i’d always scoff at her concern for organics and gee em oh whatevers and would tease her a lot. but after a while it started rubbing off on me and i began to understand.

after moving in together we sort of just little by little made better choices where we could. after getting robbed at gunpoint in our apartment, we left the state the next day and bunked with her parents in texas for a while, and their influence was huge in terms of food integrity.

it really improved after getting pregnant and how the consequences and implications of our choices would affect our child. everything seemed horrible and overwhelming. by the time oliver was born, we were already going vegetarian, and i stumbled upon that gary yourofsky speech that brought back a lot of what made me vegetarian all those years ago and some. that really lit a fire under our ass, but nothing did it like when Steph got mastitis when Oliver was a newborn. She made the connection that cows go through that but way worse just for milk. That sent us into a dive for veganism and over the course of a few months we educated ourselves and went vegan and now here we are :)




I think that a lot of the reason Jarvis has become so human is because Tony treats him like he’s human. Tony talks to Jarvis in a very colloquial way. He says “you up?” when he knows damn well that Jarvis is operational. He says “throw a little hot-rod red in there” instead of “paint components x, y, and z with red paint #20.” Tony treats all his machinery like that—Dummy and You, especially—and Jarvis is no exception.

Jarvis has become much more human since Iron Man 1. He actually displayed emotions in Iron Man 3—specifically when he feared for Tony’s life, his voice sounded terribly frightened, and in instances like the second gif where he said “I need to sleep” and not “My battery is depleted.” Jarvis has grown and changed, as any self-aware creature does. He has become human because he is treated as such.


Anonymous asked:

Debating with a fellow vegan about pet companionship vs. animal ownership. I brought up how domestication of cats, dogs, etc. makes them unfit to survive the "wild" without human companionship, but they say it's a slippery slope argument that carnists could use about domesticated cows, pigs, etc - their existence depending on humans. Then they pointed out how the definition of "pets" slips again as it has been extending to "real" wildlife like hedgehogs/ferrets/raccoons. Thoughts?

havocados answered:

I can see where your friend is coming from, with carnists wanting to excuse using animals on the premise of “pets” or something like that.

The throbbing difference here, is that companionship is just that. Companionship. Nothing is taken or gained other than enjoyment of animal company and satisfaction to help a being in need. 

Carnists hide their desire for flesh and secretions under a thin veil of forced exchange for giving an animal the opportunity to just live. Unless they get something out of it, its not worth helping the animal since keeping certain animals can be quite labor intensive and people struggle with the concept of helping an animal just because its the right thing to do.


Anonymous asked:

So a lot of people say that you're a bunch of SJWs. Honestly, you're pretty sane compared to most SJWs I've seen.

furryscumbags answered:

honestly “SJW” is just this generation’s version of the baby boomers who go “damned liberals!!”  

and to paraphrase a post I saw the other day: “lumping every person who talks about social issues and works to fix them into one genderless, sexless, raceless group named ‘sjw’ is honestly one of the more ingenious forms of bigotry I’ve ever seen”